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About The Village of Meadow Grove

Meadow Grove is a village in Madison County, Nebraska, with a population of 230, according to the 2020 Census, and is located 17 miles west of Norfolk. Meadow Grove was named by the Fremont and Missouri Valley Railroad because of its location: a meadow to the west and a cottonwood grove of trees to the south. Perry Vanado Lewis, a settler who migrated from New York, homesteaded the sight as a timber claim in 1868. The area was platted in 1886 and Perry Lewis gave away lots to those who would build and start a new business. A historical marker situated on Main Street beside Old Post Office #1 attests to this event. (Additional material: They Called it Meadow Grove by Lenora and Gary Kuchar)

Several businesses are located in or near Meadow Grove including: Meadow Grove Federal Credit Union, Howard Construction, Meadow Grove Post Office, Eckert Fabrication, Village Bar, T-Bone North Gas and Convenience Store, Tumblin' B Antiques, Meadow Grove Library, Sportsman's Family Grill, Old Post Office #1 Museum, J and A Storage, Grandma's Haven Greenhouse, Double K Storage and Wilken Seed Supply LLC, Circle M Trucking, Shear Believing Hair by Kat and Swany's Trucking.

Meadow Grove, Nebraska Welcome Sign

Churches in Meadow Grove would include: St. Matthew Lutheran Church- Missouri Synod and the United Methodist Church.

  • Annual Celebration: Meadow Grove Corn Daze. Highlights are the Fireman's Cookout, Church Ladies Cakewalk, Kids Games, Ping Pong Ball Drop, Frog Jumping Contest, Turtle Races, Corn on the Cob Eating Contest, Coins in the Corn, Scavenger Hunts, Parade, Fireworks, Community Church Service and a Community Dinner.
  • Parks: Victory Park at 2nd and Main Street is a tribute to America's veterans. We have a Ball Park where a fenced-in ball diamond has hosted many ball games. Then there is "The Square", also at 2nd and Main, where kids go to shoot hoops.
  • THE SQUARE: This is Meadow Grove's "Claim to Famel"! This is where Meadow Grove earned the right to call itself "THE BIRTHPLACE OF FREE OUTDOOR MOVIES"!!! Businesses would stay open on Wednesday and Saturday nights for folks to come to town to trade and then watch a free outdoor movie. This was very popular during the first half of the 1900's. Occasionally a business or Booster Club will still offer a Free Outdoor Movie just for Old Times sake.