Prairie Days 2021 - July 30, 31 & August 1



Prairie Days “Flower Power” Display Contest
Hey, all you members of groups and organizations! This year’s Prairie Days Flower contest themes are:
  • Horsepower to Gas Power
  • Dream Big in a Small Town
  • Country Roads Take Me Home to Tilden
  • Celebrating Freedom with Flowers
Flowers must be brought downtown to your designated location on Thursday, July 29th. For your location, contact Linda Douglas at 402-368-2969. Judging will take place early Friday morning. You do not need to be present for the judging. Please include your group name and a phone number on your display. Prize money can be picked up at the Tilden Public Library. Those who are not in the competition but want to help beautify Tilden, bring your flowers on Thursday evening and the flower committee can direct you to an area that needs decorating. For anyone who is unable to bring their flower pots downtown, contact Lisa Meyer in advance at 402-750-1364 and she will arrange to have them picked up.
Help keep this beautiful tradition going and think “Flower Power” for the 2021 Tilden Prairie Days Celebration.