Tilden Fire Department and EMT Extrication Training

Tilden's fire and EMT squads braved the sweltering heat on June 10, 2017, for an extrication training presented by instructors Rich Lutz and Andrew Evans, both of Pierce. As part of EMT class curriculum, local trainees Michelle McIntosh, Kylie Thiemann, Jamie Fleetwood and Josh Bailey are required to participate in an extrication drill. Current EMTs Stephanie Thompson, Tiffany Pruitt and Norma Thies also participated in the event, along with firemen Mike Krick, Matt Jensen, Marc Dietz, Dean Thies, and Steve Remmereid.

Michelle McIntosh and her family graciously donated the two vehicles used in this training exercise. As part of their training, all four students dressed in full bunker gear, climbed in the vehicles and were extracted from them so they could get a first-hand experience of what a patient experiences while being trapped in a vehicle. On one vehicle, it was Fireman Dean Thies and veteran EMT Tiffany Pruitt who played the victims and had to be extracted by the remaining firemen and new EMT’s.

The drill took place at Chris Hansen's shop on the east edge of Tilden.